Honda Financial Services

Honda Financial Services is a dedicated website that Honda operate for customers in the USA, that provides detailed information on the two main financing options for anyone thinking of buying or leasing a Honda vehicle or product.

The website has a detailed section on leasing options for customers, a detailed section on finance for customers and a specific section for customers to manage their account once they have purchased or leased a Honda vehicle or other product.

In addition, the website has a range of useful information and tips for potential customers.

These include an easy-to-use calculator that allows you to work out how much money you would be able to borrow or afford to spend with Honda Finance, an easy-to-use ZIP Code directory for locating a Honda dealer.

The website also includes an online application form for potential customers to apply for pre-credit approval, allows you to check the status of your application until it is approved or not, and advises you of any specific Honda deals that may be open at the time and applicable to you.

This can make the process of buying or leasing a Honda vehicle much simpler and much more straightforward.

The main section of the Honda Financial Services website focuses on the aspect of leasing a Honda vehicle.

This section goes into a lot of detail about the potential benefits of leasing, making it clear that leasing a vehicle is an option for individual customers, as well as corporate clients. This is because there is often a perception that leasing a Honda vehicle is only something that companies do rather than individuals.

In fact leasing may suit a number of individuals for a variety of reasons, although at the end of the day it is really a numbers issue.

The leasing section goes into detail about the potential costs involved of leasing, both at the beginning of the lease and any costs that may be incurred when the lease comes to an end.

It also has sections with in the release of special offers it has for customers who are graduates or who have military experience, as well as a section on vehicle service contracts.

Bear in mind that this is an official Honda site, and all the information is provided by Honda about their own leasing options.

If you decide to lease a Honda vehicle, then doing it through Honda is your only option, as opposed to financing by way of credit or a loan which can be done either with Honda (subject to approval) or some other financial institution.

The other main section on the Honda financial services website refers to financing of a Honda vehicle or product that is not concerned with leasing. Much of the information refers to similar areas involved in the leasing section, but with some major differences.

In the section Honda has an application form for what it termed pre-credit approval.

This involves supplying a degree of personal information such as social security number etc, and it allows Honda to evaluate you as a credit risk and decide whether it will give you pre-credit approval or not.

Honda sell this process by advising potential customers that people who obtain pre-credit approval can get special deals from a Honda dealer.

Honda Financial Services – Products

The financing section refers to 4 main areas of Honda products – Honda Autos, Honda Power Sports, Honda Power Equipment and Honda Marine.

Anyone using Honda financing would be well advised to have clarity about what it is they are intending to buy and how much it is likely to cost them and over what period of time.

Many people will want to obtain alternative quotes from other financial institutions that will enable them to compare any quote by Honda financial services with another quote on a like-for-like basis.

Some people believe that Honda are more likely to offer credit on better terms and conditions, especially to people who do not have a great credit history, simply because you are intending to buy a Honda vehicle or product.

This is unlikely to be true. Honda when acting as Honda financial services will use the same approach to credit reports and credit scores as any other lending institution, and decided to effectively lend money or not based on their assessment of the individual as to how could a credit risk they are not.

The third section of the Honda Financial Services website concerns individuals who have applied for and have been given credit/finance or have purchased a Honda vehicle or product.

It allows the individual to access information about their purchase, their payment history and gives them information about how to make future payments.

The Honda financial services website also contains details of contact information for different aspects of customer care both before and after purchase or lease of a Honda vehicle or product.

These are likely to be standard telephone numbers and email contacts.

Anyone would be well advised when buying or leasing a Honda vehicle to check with the Honda dealer whether there are better numbers or email contacts to have specific either to them and their vehicle or product or to the locality as to where they live.

The Honda Financial Services website is specific to the USA, and is a separate site to the main on the site in the US.

Other countries such as Canada and the UK have similar financing options available for customers, and these are detailed as part of the main Honda websites in these countries.